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The Gateway is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and is the premiere summer stock theater on Long Island. Every summer The Gateway produces shows at their 500-seat theater in Bellport and at the 1200-seat Patchogue Theatre, and then at the Patchogue Theatre again in the winter. The Gateway Playbill is handed to every patron that walks into a Gateway production and reaches approximately 100,000 patrons each year.

Sometimes the best ideas come from something silly! Breaded Cats was started just for fun during an internet fad and has expanded into a full-grown pet-related publication. We focused on building the Breaded Cats social media following and then developed the new website. The new Breadedcats.com is loaded with original content ranging from not only cats, but dogs and other animals as well. Options are available for targeted marketing in the $60 billion pet industry, please contact us for more information..

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